The best retro RPG for PC, ever.


Simultaneously a love letter to and a parody of classic role-playing games, Sojourner is the retro RPG that the world has been craving, but just didn’t know it. By gracefully mixing modern gameplay elements with a familiar retro aesthetic, Sojourner features everything that you loved from the 8-bit RPGs of your childhood and leaves behind everything you didn’t. Drawing heavy inspiration from NES classics like Mother (Earthbound), Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Legend of Zelda, while bringing in an original style and quirkiness all its own, Sojourner is a glorious blend of the old and the new, making for a very playable, very fun adventure for anyone who is a fan of the classics or simply a fan of RPGs in general.

  • Embark on an epic and often silly quest in a large fantasy universe, featuring more secret areas and sidequests than you will ever be able to find without using a strategy guide
  • Create your own party of highly-customizable characters, with 10 classes to choose from, and a class change system
  • Recruit monsters to your party with a unique spin on creature-capturing
  • Multiple endings based on how you interact with characters in the world
  • Random battles can be turned off completely
  • Humorous dialogue and nostalgic references
  • All graphics use the NES color palette
  • 8-bit music and sound effects
  • Typical completion time is 15-20 hours