About Us

Michael Squirrel Games formed with the launch of Sojourner on 7/17/17. The organization is dedicated to creating nostalgic, retro video games in the RPG genre that emphasize innovation, modernization, playability, and fun above all else. The organization sees video games not just as games, but as pieces of art that are capable of presenting complex viewpoints about society and our world, which can challenge or reinforce players’ existing personal beliefs and feelings. It is the belief of Michael Squirrel Games that providing fun, thought-provoking games will result in making players into happier people, and develop in them a greater sense of self and sense of how to make a difference in the world.

Michael Squirrel was born in Maryland in 1992, and today lives in Los Angeles. He works full time in the field of higher education as a college counselor. Previously, he was a journalist. He operates Michael Squirrel Games mostly on his own, but frequently collaborates with artists, composers, and others, to make his games the best they can be.