Endings Guide

SPOILERS AHEAD! You’ve been warned! Sojourner has multiple ending scenes based on how you behaved in the world.

Although there is an entire third chapter to the game, the “ending” takes place after you defeat Elvis. Once you defeat Elvis, there is no way to view any of these scenes again, and some sidequests become inaccessible after defeating Elvis. So use this guide to try to get the best ending possible. Or don’t! It’s your life. Do what you want. Here are the ending scenes and how to get them:

Saving Elvis

Right after you defeat Elvis, he will either live or die. In order for him to survive, you need to find an item called Elvis’ Rock, and bring it to Queen Muriel back in the first town, Morrieta. When you talk to Queen Muriel while having the item in your inventory, you must answer either of the first two choices in order to save Elvis, and not the third one. But if you do answer the third choice, you’ll get a different ending scene.

Where is Elvis’ Rock found? Right outside of his tower, in a hidden area on top of the trees that are 2 tiles to the left of the tower.

Were you nice to the knight in Morrieta?

In the castle at Morrieta is a knight who will chew your ear off if you let him. If you talk to him long enough, you’ll get an extra ending scene.

Did you tip the NPC?

At the entrance of the game’s second dungeon is a nameless NPC who, if you talked to him, gave you a lot of useful information, and then asked for a tip. If you talk to him and tip him, you get a funny scene. If you ignore him or don’t tip him, you get a different funny scene.

How nice were you to Melissa?

When you first find Melissa, you have the option to either try to protect her, or try to sacrifice her to her captor. Whichever option you chose will affect the ending scene you get.

How greedy were you?

After rescuing Melissa, her father asks you if you NEED a monetary reward. Whether you said yes or no will affect the ending scene you get.

Did you encourage domestic violence?

In Rialto, after rescuing Melissa, a man in town will ask you for a slingshot that he can shoot at his wife to knock some sense into her. Whether or not you give it to him affects the ending scene you get.

Did you visit Verdantura before going to Mount Verdant?

Most players go to the town of Verdantura before entering the nearby dungeon, Mount Verdant, but if you go to Mount Verdant first and defeat the boss, without visiting the town, you’ll get a different ending scene.

Did you help the lady plant flowers in Fairland?

There is an NPC who asks you to give her some Life Water in Fairland, to help regrow some flowers. If you did that, you get a funny ending scene.

Were you mean to Elder Wickett?

In Fairland, while talking to the beleaguered Elder Wickett, you get a few conversation choices that are pretty disrespectful. If you say any of those things, you’ll get a funny ending scene.

Did you find Reinhardt in Cattington?

When you first see Reinhardt in the desert, he is in disguise as a cactus. In the town of Cattington, he is again disguised as a cactus. If you talked to him, you’ll get a funny ending scene.

Did you defeat Neptune?

A few NPCs in the game tell of an evil sea monster called Neptune. If you follow the clues, you can find it. If you defeated Neptune, you get a funny scene. If you never defeated Neptune, you get a different funny scene.

Did you do the secret dungeon?

In the first world, there is a secret dungeon at the very center of the world, accessible only with the airship. If you enter the dungeon and talk to the cat painting in the house in the dungeon’s center, you’ll get a funny ending scene about it.

Did you complete the hardest stage of the Colosseum?

Whether you did or did not complete Stage 6 at the Colosseum, you will get a different ending scene.

Did you defeat the Ghost Captain?

If you did the sidequest with the Ghost Captain, you’ll get a bonus ending scene.

Did you tell Zedediah you wanted to fight to the death?

Whether you did or did not, it will affect the ending scene you get.

Did you help the man in Fairland rebuild his home?

After you have defeated Zed, an NPC in Fairland will request 10,000 coins from you to rebuild his home. If you help him, you will get a bonus ending scene.

Did you get the secret airship?

In the New World, you can buy an airship in the town of Rosevelle. If you did, you get a bonus ending scene.

Did you save Rosevelle? Or condemn it?

The town of Rosevelle really needed a hero. If you found the Ice Bomb, and then spoke to Elder Pebble, he will give you a choice to either save the town or destroy it. Whichever option you choose will get you a different ending scene.

The Ice Bomb is found in a hidden area directly south of Rosevelle.

Did you defeat Elvis with only a single party member?

This is without a doubt the hardest sidequest in the game. You can NEVER, EVER add another member to your party. Not even a monster ally. You get a special scene if you did the entire game with only your main hero, and that scene is actually slightly different depending on how you treated other characters in the game.

If you do this AND defeat the Ghost Captain (which makes the battle against Elvis even harder), you will get an accessory called the Immortality Charm, which makes you completely invincible and able to defeat every enemy in 1 hit. It’s the perfect item to breeze through the final chapter of the game in World 20XX.